Sunday, 30 December 2012


 In case you missed it, here's the link to my Creep Show Radio interview from earlier in the year! Have a good night tomorrow seeing in 2013!

Calum Waddell on Creep Show Radio

Thursday, 27 December 2012

Wow, I have a Wookieepedia

No really, I do:

Calum Waddell at Wookieepedia

Unfortunately it claims I've only written twice for Star Wars Insider magazine - despite being called a "regular contributor" (which is a bit closer to the truth). Indeed, back in the day when Dreamwatch was still going  Titan Publishing asked if I fancied contributing to some of its off-shoot magazines. If you don't remember Dreamwatch here's some old covers to jog your memory:

The above issue from 2005 has my interview with John Landis in it (see top right corner).

And here's the last ever issue from 2006 which contains my set report from the Masters of Horror television series (I was on-set in Vancouver for the "Right to Die" episode which Rob Schmidt directed). This must have been a very quick turnaround for me as I think the issue hit stands in December 2006 and I was in Vancouver in November!

Anyway, Dreamwatch went under but Titan continued to publish its Star Wars Insider magazine and also Star Trek too. They had an Indiana Jones mag for a while, which I did a spot of freelancing for, but it is Star Wars and Star Trek which have remained constants for me. I'd love to bring out a book of all my Star Wars interviews but Lucasfilm owns the lot of them. Having grown up with Star Wars, the Lucas-verse is a nostalgic thing for me: Return of the Jedi was the second film I saw at the cinema and it totally blew me away. I collected all the toys as a little lad and was, quite frankly, crazy about the trilogy. The prequels, of course, you can have - but those original three films are still brilliant examples of big screen escapism. Anyway - I've had the pleasure of interviewing some great names for Star Wars Insider - Mark Hamill (see above!), John Dykstra, Warwick Davis, Richard Edlund, Rick Baker, Ken Ralston and many more. If you pick up the issue currently on the shelves you will find my latest chat - with supporting actor Kenneth Colley - too.

And over the Xmas break I've transcribed some new interviews for Star Trek as well - Malcolm McDowell (Generations), Denise Crosby (TNG) and Michael L. Fink, who worked on The Motion Picture. Star Wars, however, will always be number one for me - and having a Wookieepedia, in its own way, touches a little part of my childhood that will, hopefully, be reignited when Disney do the right thing and release the films without all of the tinkering that took place after 1997...

Saturday, 8 December 2012


So it seems I've lost the password to my last blog. I don't know if I'll have the time to update this but I'm hoping to use this to post reviews and references to my first full length documentary, SLICE AND DICE: THE SLASHER FILM FOREVER.

 ERK! I've just seen that by calling my blog Calum Waddell my name now appears in big letters. That's pretty lame. Sorry about that. Now I look like an egotistical fool!

The film has been a labour of love for me and Naomi Holwill (producer, animator, editor, camera person, the more glamorous half of High Rising) and will be available in the UK on DVD from March 11th (that is the plan just now anyway!). We also got some help along the way from Justin Kerswell, who supplied us with some great stills and trailers, and Joe Venegas. I'm not good, or fond of, this self-promotion nonsense so I'm really going to just try and use this for news and reviews. Even if they are negative and critical I'll post them here: not everyone is going to like this little documentary and I want to make sure their voice is heard too. Right - enough rambling.

So hopefully this will enable me to archive some reviews:

Obviously those with only a passing interest in the genre need not apply, but for people who are as familiar with the name Tommy Jarvis as they are Norman Bates, Slice and Dice is essential viewing.

This is a well-made smorgasbord of slasher goodness that any movie fan can enjoy; I highly recommend checking this one out.

It provides viewers – both hard-core horror fans and newcomers to the genre with enough information to go and rent or buy those missing from their collections and is a really entertaining and informative guide to the genre, clearly made by fans for fans and is highly recommended.

A frankly magnificent and unmissable trip thru' the celluloid slash-scape, Slice and Dice is a must for, well everybody if I'm honest.

You’ll leave Slice and Dice feeling enthused; wanting to re visit your slasher favourites and seek out the ones featured in the doc that you might have missed. If you love slashers, Slice and Dice is highly recommended.

Here director Calum Waddell takes the “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” approach and follows the blueprint already established by the most recent films of Mark Hartley... This is a must-see for all horror nerds and fans of genre filmmaking alike.

In the end, I'd say the only insight this offers is that even the people who make these films don't have a unified vision of what the genre means or what it's all about. And that might just speak volumes more about the genre than the most enlightened academic analysis. 

I know this guy meant that as a criticism but he is ironically spot on.

Though it lacks the gloss of bigger productions, Slice And Dice is a solid little film that will thrill fans of a neglected genre, finally giving credit to the tenacity of a DIY filmmaking movement whose influence on the wider industry should not be underestimated.